It`s quite strange to hold suddenly in hands the whole radioamateur life of a unfortunately in january 2000 deceased VHF pioneer. DL3LI was my uncle. A publication of his activity would have been in his sense.                               The old qsl cards, letters, nice postcards of oldtimers are a part  of history of amateur radio in Germany. It would have been a pity to keep the whole material in the drawer because it shows interesting details of the beginning of VHF technology. With this  publication we like to make public the material for the first time to keep alive a pioneer.

DL3LI OM Georg Zapf birthday: 21. Feb. 1929 day of death 03. Jan. 2000

4 element VHF antenna from DL3LI with mounted TRX below the antenna!

Some historic documents you should have be seen:

his SWL license invitation to examination questions to examination callsignlist 1950 Old QSL`s 1 Old QSL`s 2 Old QSL`s3

Old qsl card from Georg - DL3LI

Of course were the first tries of OM Georg on the 2 meter band on AM. FM was at that time not used by the radio amateurs, because it was not easy to get the corresponding devices. Some qsl show that  DL3LI  was also activ on the 80 meter band. However his main interest were the tries on the 2 meter band.

OM Georg Zapf was not active for a long time. He works after 2nd world war from 1949 to 1952, that shows the old documents we have. Later he emigrate to the US. After returning to Germany in the 60`s he  works as an engineer in a big German electronic company. No more amateur radio activities since this time.

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